Trichologists never underestimate the psychological effect hair loss or scalp disorders have on patients. Tracey lost her own hair in 2014 and although she knew it would re-grow, she developed an even deeper understanding of the impact that hair loss has on us.

Many hair loss or thinning problems can either spontaneously recover or recover well with good advice and an appropriate treatment plan.

However, for those persistent conditions, which are hard to treat, wigs and hairpieces offer a great solution and can help to increase confidence.

Hair pieces are available in all colours, sizes and lengths from parting enhancers through to larger pieces which cover more extensive thinning. Synthetic hair and real hair are available in both hairpieces and wigs. There are advantages to both and these are explained during the consultation. The wig/hairpiece service is a very personal service and care is taken to ensure the right colour and style is selected for you. Visit the contact page to enquire about this service.