Initial Hair & Scalp Consultation

  • 1 x Hour
  • Clinical Consultation
  • Hair & Scalp Examination
  • Treatment Options Identified
  • Bespoke Treatment Plan

Wig Consultation (Excluding Trichology services)

  • 1 x Hour
  • Initial Wig Consultation
  • Determining Styles And Colours
  • Try Before You Buy
  • Hairpieces Available

Follow-up Consultation

  • 30 min
  • Hair & Scalp Examination
  • Assessment Of Treatment Progress
  • Monitoring Of Hair Condition
  • Review Of Treatment Plan

Some of the treatment options are available in the on-line shop.

Others are available on request.

Hair & Scalp Clinic

Patient Testimonials

I would highly recommend the “Hair and Scalp Clinic” led by Tracey Walker. I have used it for over ten years for complex issues with my hair related to a long-standing medical condition. I have had consistently excellent care.

Tracey is professionally trained, (unlike many others in the field) and only recommends treatments that are evidence-based. She takes great care to make an individual assessment and makes treatment decisions based on these. The treatments arrive very rapidly after being ordered. Tracey keeps her recommendations under review.

The treatments offered by Tracey Walker at the ‘Hair and Scalp Clinic’ are based on the best science available in the field; they are safe and appropriate and cost effective.

I cannot recommend the Hair and Scalp clinic enough!

Sara B


I have known Tracey in her role as a Tricologist for some time. She is both highly qualified and experienced.

Her dedications, and the compassionate care she has for her patients, make her a true professional.   Should any treatment be required for the hair or the scalp.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tracey.

John A. Lane

Tracey has gone above and beyond in providing me with advice on my hair and scalp issues. From the first consultation Tracey was able to provide detailed explanations of my condition, gave me a diagnosis and prognosis and also has been amazing at replying to emails regarding any questions I’ve had. I would highly recommended the hair and scalp clinic to anyone suffering with these issues and from my experience has been the only specialist really able to provide me with explanations and support.


I just wanted to drop a line to say how brilliant I thought you and your service were. You were very knowledgeable and provided practical solutions. I came away feeling a lot better.

Tracey has been my trichologist for two years now. I have had a few different ones over the years but in my personal experience Tracey has been the most experienced and knowledgeable trichologist I have ever met. She is understanding and very informative to any questions you have. If anyone has hair or scalp issues, I would highly recommend them seeing Tracey at the hair and scalp clinic to get the advice they need.

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